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Project meeting for IoTrain in Siegen

On 01.08.- 04.08.2022 the second management and project progress meeting and staff training for the project IoTrain took place in Siegen, where Petanux was represented by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bohlouli. 

The main objective of the IoTRAIN project is to achieve the modernization and internationalization of higher education in IoT, taking into account the enormous changes introduced by internet technologies in society and the economy, and to design, develop, and implement teaching, peer production, and continuous improvement processes. 

After updating the status of the project and clarifying the open points, problems, and possible solutions, the upcoming tasks were planned. 

This was followed by the administrative aspects of the project and then various technical presentations and talks on IoT platforms & architectures (IOTA), cyber-physical and industrial systems (CPIS), and also the application of IoT (AIOT).  

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